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"I am Winngs
With a vision full of grace
Across time and space,
I create for you a special place,
I go with the flow,
Afloat on passion and imagination,
Reaching perfection with the narration
Of the completeness that you are
Borne by Winngs Craft high up and afar"

Our Clients

The Services We Offer


When you witness something, the truth of its existence cannot be questioned and that is precisely the reason why visual content leaves a lasting impression on the human mind than any printed words or still pictures. By definition, Corporate films are video coverage of a Company’s story, its products, or services. It is a reflection of the company’s being by capturing what a company’s theme, value, mission, core policy and helps in establishing its identity in the market.


we all have a story. A story of dreams, aspirations, passion and vision. Since centuries, stories of People, place and groups have been inspiring us. Indianstorytv.com brings a world of inspiring and motivating stories from all walks of life with one goal. One day life will end but thoughts never die vision never fades.And these stories will last forever and ever.This is a 15 minute episode, were we interview the Founder chairman or the director of the group. Here, we Interview them about their journey,challenges, vision achievements, turning point.


Events in schools are one of the most memorable events in a person’s life. That is why a School takes special efforts to shoot those videos and distribute it to the students. Students go back and play their school videos to have a glimpse of the good old memories. We understand the importance of these sentiments.


A documentary is a film or video examining an event or person based on facts. documentaries are life stories told on film or video. They typically present a life from beginning to end, and often cover ancestors as well as progeny. Personal documentaries combine interview footage with photographs, historical images, documents, music, archive footage, voice-over, objects and artifacts, captions and titles.


CSR films play a great role in educating the masses about different issues and also help them with the solutions. By the means of CSR film an organization can reach a large number of people and provide them with step by step guidance without being physically present.


Still Photography is an image-based approach to marketing that focuses on capturing the essence of your brand through professional.Your business is unique so why would you use generic images to tell your story? Our photographer will work with you to personalise your shoot and bring out the elements that make your business what it is. This allows you to establish a personal connection with your target audience. photography.